Junior Interclubs - Summer

Junior Interclubs and a Medal Day and Ribbon Day are held over eight Sundays during the season.  These are open to ALL registered club athletes aged from 7 through to 15 years of age.  There are activities run for the Under 7s as well during part of these interclub events.  For dates for the junior interclubs for 2018/19 go to the Athletics Wellington Sports App (you can download this free on your phone) or go to this link to download the 2018/19 Athletics Wellington Calendar for seniors and juniors Link

For results for the junior interclubs go to http://athleticswellington.org.nz/results/track-and-field/

Interclubs are held at Newtown Park and one in Masterton. There is also a Junior Medal Day at the Hutt Recreation Ground and a Junior Ribbon Day in Paraparaumu at the Domain. 

Interclub details below:

  • Interclubs start at 10am and finish around 2.00pm (you don't have to be there for the whole day) except those listed below.
  • Kids get to compete against young athletes from other clubs.
  • For 7 to 15 year olds (with some activities run for the under 7s as well on the day)
  • Wear your Olympic uniform for all the interclubs, medal day and ribbon day.
  • You'll also need your Colgate Age Flash with your Olympic Registration Code.  At the first interclub please get your age flash from the Olympic table which will be setup in the large room to the right as you enter Newtown Park. At interclubs thereafter please contact Vivan at faye497@gmail.com prior to the interclub to arrange to pick up your age flash.
  • Each athlete competing earns individual points and club points at all the interclubs.  At the end of the season they have an award for the individual in each age group with the most points, and the club with the most points.  Olympic has won this trophy many times.

You don’t need to register beforehand or on the day for the junior interclubs, all junior interclubs are free as part of your club membership.

For Medal Day (27 January 2019) you register on the day for events from 9am with a start time of 10am.  It's $5 per child.  At Medal Day they also have races for the Under 7s.  And medals for the first three placings in each event (including each heat of the track races).

For Ribbon Day this season (3 February 2019) they will have events for 5 and 6 year olds as well. It's $2 per child which you pay the club as you arrive.

We will send a programme out the week prior to each interclub.  It’s a great family day out.  The kids love it.  It gives them a chance to make new friends and compete in a friendly environment.

Note:  for college age athletes and older there is also the option of the Saturday afternoon interclubs and regional meets that are listed on the Athletics Wellington calendar at this link.

Interclub schedules:

4 November 2018 interclub programme is HERE

18 November 2018 interclub programme is HERE

9 December 2018 interclub programme is HERE. Please note this is a combined Senior and Junior interclub, more information can be found on the Athletics Wellington website at this link  Athletics Wellington News

16 December 2018 interclub programme is HERE

27 January 2019 Lower Hutt Medal Day programme is HERE

10 February 2019 Interclub programme is HERE

24 February 2019 Interclub programme is HERE, note the events in red are club champ events. Please note this is a combined Senior and Junior interclub. This interclub has been CANCELLED


The Wellington Junior Champs are held at Newtown Park over 2 days, Sunday 17 March and Sunday 24 March for athletes aged 7-15 years.  These meets are great fun, and all are welcome.

Registrations for the Wellington Junior Championships are now closed.

Event programme and meeting rules are on this website: here

For information about confirmed entrants see the registration site on the AW website at:





Junior Interclubs